Many families are suffering in the season’s extreme temperatures.  We want to stop our public utilities from depriving people of life’s basics; shelter, water, gas and electricity.

A disproportionate number of public utility shut-offs happen in northeast Nebraska, Douglas and Sarpy counties in Nebraska.

We need our Senators to protect us with a Utility Moratorium. No more Shut-offs for households in poverty with minors!

 A Utility Moratorium will stop the extortion-like collection actions of public utilities who are making families leave the safety of their warm homes.  Those removed from their homes take up space in homeless shelters, separating children through unnecessary removals without court orders from their loving homes into our broken Nebraska foster care system and pushing them down into the thriving & dangerous school to prison pipeline.

When utilities are shut off in homes with minors (19 and under), Child Protective Services (CPS) can put the family under investigation with two anonymous calls. CPS can then hold onto the children until the utility bill is paid…or longer. OPPD and MUD must provide better customer service and make fair, reasonable, attainable payment arrangements and stop shutting off homes from basic utilities.

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