Everyone Deserves Access to Life’s Basic Necessities!

Energy Rescue, Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska was formed in 2006 and incorporated on Earth Day, April 22, 2008. We advocate for our clients who are mainly OPPD & MUD Customers that Fall Thru The Cracks!  When they Don’t Qualify for utility assistance from 211 & Salvation Army, United Way & Other Agencies who refuse utility assistance to these folks through DISQUALIFIERS! Nebraskans who are DISQUALIFIED need Energy Rescue to  ADVOCATE for them. True help is so hard to find, especially in Northeast Nebraska, North & South Omaha and Bellevue.

We help reconnect people who receive shut-off/disconnect notices get the utility services they need on a daily basis, ensuring these residents won’t have to suffer without some of life’s basic necessities: running water, electricity, heating and cooling.

To raise funds, assist and prevent members of our community from suffering through an ‘Energy Crisis’, Energy Rescue holds fundraisers, workshops and special events which raise awareness of the problems and obtain funding for our Utility Assistance Advocacy Programs.

Energy Rescue also seeks out partnerships with organizations willing to share in the financial costs of assisting our clients, host events, workshops, and support our solar installations & weatherizing homes throughout our communities in Nebraska.

In addition to helping families avoid or emerge from an Energy Crisis, Energy Rescue also educates the public about Regenerating the Soil for our  future growing healthy food in our own yards and neighborhoods.  We continue to educate Nebraskans about clean energy options (Solar, Wind and Geothermal Exchange) helping people make their homes energy efficient.

We will implement a team of skilled professionals & volunteers who will assist individuals and families in adding SOLAR & WEATHERIZING their homes to help reduce their high energy bills.  Energy Rescue also advocates on behalf of tenants living in homes whose landlords have refused to make the repairs for them.